What to do after you have created a vision?

I read and even write a lot about vision and the importance of it for establishing a direction. However it is not always clear what you need to do after creating your vision.

Many organisations talk about creating a vision statement and this just doesn’t work for me. Visions need to be inspirational and for this to happen they really need to soar above the limitations of words.Ok, so you have an inspirational vision and you have shared or even better co-created it with your employees, colleagues, family, what next?
One process I work with that seems to be versatile enough to satisfy both people who dislike structured approaches and is attractive to people who need a structured approach is to use a storyboard.

  • Your vision goes into box 6, the green one, and in box 1 you put a picture to represent where you are now.
  • Brainstorming the gap will give you actions that can be taken to move from one to the other. Put all ideas down and then work out where they fit on the journey from box 1 to box 6.

I advise working backwards from box 6 as taking the first step from box 1 can be like stepping in treacle – difficult to take any big steps and likely to get stuck.

For people who are less structured, this can remain as a loose journey based upon some big action steps. Drawing them can be fun and inspiring.
On the other hand if you are a more structured person then you can work with defining each step and adding targets etc. Bullet proofing can be helpful at this stage to check out what can prevent and what can help achievement.

I hope this has given you some ideas for working with putting vision into reality. The next step to take is to do exactly that – take some action!

Barbara is an executive coach and creative facilitator. 


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2 Replies to “What to do after you have created a vision?”

  1. Thanks Barbara for that timely reminder about a storyboard- I had a vision setting meeting with a team today for a new charitable venture I am creating and this will certainly be a great idea for our next meeting..

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